Monday, March 25, 2013

Make Your Videos Get Noticed with Easy Video Player 2.0

If you want to take your video marketing to the next level you should be thinking about using Easy Video Player, it is a really powerful tool.

It can sounds familiar but when it comes to get inspired by amazing presenters I just have to say that it has a lot to do with me and you know what... you can watch this video to understand what I am talking about.

The Power of Videos and Easy Video Suite

It is much easier to entertain someone by using videos when we compared with plain text. Do you know why those movie starts that we idolize so much are earning tons of money in today’s society?
You almost certainly know, but here is why. Because they have the skill to make us laugh, make us cry, we feel connected to them; that is the main reason.

I know that in some rare cases these artists have something really unique, but even if we can do something to model them. We have to learn how to connect with our audience.

And if you are looking for a solution to improve your results, easy video player can do the job!
Besides they are so easy to record that you can even use your phone to record yourself.

Maybe you don't like to reveal your face on a YouTube video.
You have the sense that videos are powerful but perhaps your shyness is really serious and if that is the case you may want to check this mobile monopoly overview to get some different ideas.

But the reality is...

You Cannot Expect to Be Great When You are just Starting

I am kind of a musician, I love playing the guitar, singing, but my first attempts to record videos were not good. You have to practice to become good at something.

Probably when you watch an amazing video, and you catch yourself speechless after it finishes, you can start imagining… wow…That guy is good with a camera! But here is the true, most of the time these guys don’t have anything special. A really important thing they do in different ways from most of us is to insist and to practice a lot. When you spend some time trying to do the same thing repeatedly, you will get better. And with video marketing you just need to be good enough to captivate your own audience.

By using easy video suite you don’t need even to place yourself in front of a camera which is a great alternative. In addition, the software can give you a lot of interaction between you and your audience. It is really a powerful tool.

If you like some data, you need to know that when you put videos on your website it can increase the conversion rate by six times.

The same study shows that when you are making use of plain text, the percentage of visitors who will sit and read the majority of the message reaches only TWENTY percent, on the other hand, the percentage boosts to EIGHTY when video is being used to deliver the idea

If you are really serious about improving your online business and using video marketing to do it so you have to consider Easy Video Player to enhance quality and engagement.

I definitely recommend it and you can find more info about that on my main site!

Thank you all, see you there!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What Bring The Fresh 2013 Will Certainly Do For You!

Bring the Fresh - The Right Focus after Penguin!

Bring the Fresh was put together by Kelly Felix with the help of this partner and friend Mike Long. These guys are really successful online entrepreneurs who are making 7 figures per year. The foundation of the system is related to organic traffic or Search Engine Optimization if you prefer. The objective of the program is to explain every member how to build a website that can generate extra income through promoting different affiliate offers.

Uncovering what you have to consider - Bring the Fresh Review!

There is something that you really should know in advance, there is an ongoing fee. I am just mentioning this warning now, because my last review was not a positive one, and I am being honest with you about this drawback of Bring The Fresh 2013 because the sales video is not that crystal clear about this fee.
I like to be really honest when I am reviewing a item, which means I need to tell what I love about Bring the Fresh.
The training program has a really thorough Fast Start Guide which is incredibly helpful.
The Fast Start Guide is a downloadable PDF that you have access after being signed into the site. The PFF file you get will cover in depth one of the most important parts of a good Search Engine Optimization promotion; the document does a really straight forward analysis on how to build backlinks to you site.
One of the main focuses of Bring The Fresh is about using effective tactics capable of giving to your internet site visibility without being penalized by Google’s latest changes.

Internet Marketing Forum:
There is a really good IM forum called “Warrior Forum”.
If you make the effort you will encounter a lot of really positive reviews about Bring the Fresh; here I selected just one example:

If you can follow what these guys are telling you to do, Bring The Fresh can be fantastic. Bring The Fresh is so popular because of the cleverness of the owners and also because it follows the trends in the Internet Marketing world. The owners were especially worried about Google Panda and Penguin changes, reason why they structured insightful Search Engine Optimization tactics to be presented in the training. And what is really cool about the Bring the fresh 2013 is that you will not receive a lot of emails from them promoting some other magic bullet system; on their site you will find a lot of relevant and current information.. So my impression of this site is that it is very good...”

You will find this testimonial at:

I hope you get value from this article, I just want to help you figure out if Bring the Fresh can be good for you. For more information about the program, just click on this link.

This is my opinion about Bring the Fresh and once again, go visit the product!
That is it for today, I see you shortly!